Only if I get real

An open source cookie alert that makes it possible to send real cookies the moment you hit the "I accept cookies" button

The cookie alert

At Pågen, Sweden’s leading bakery, we are all cookie monsters and thought it would be nice if you got real cookies when you hit the “I accept cookies” button. That’s why we have developed a new type of cookie banner that doesn’t just alert about cookies being stored on your computer, but also send cookies to store in your kitchen pantry. It’s an open source solution so any cookie monster can install the alert on their website and start give away cookies for free. Check out the instructions below – it’s a piece of cake!

Cookie alert generator

Create your own cookie alert to install on your website. Start by edit the copy for your cookie banner and your cookie button. Then edit your pop up by uploading an image and message. Choose how your cookies should be delivered: by SMS voucher, e-mail voucher or home delivery. Once you have made all your choices, a code will be generated for you to copy and paste to your website. You will see a preview of your banner being created as you start to edit. If you would like to see an example before you start check out the cookie alert at

Please note you will be creating a campaign to give away cookies of your choice. Pågen will provide you with the tool to make this possible, but we will not provide cookies for you to give away.

View this wiki on a computer to generate your own code.

If you accept to receive cookies on our website, we assume you're also happy to receive real cookies. Therefore we have updated our cookie policy so if you accept cookies, we'll send you real cookies. Cookies you can eat of course.
I accept cookies and want real cookies
Edit copy for cookie banner:
Edit copy for cookie button:
Edit campaign pop up:
Add an image url:
Edit campaign message:
How will you deliver cookies?
SMS voucher
E-mail voucher
Home address
Promo code

Your URL to receive data:
(Recieves a post request everytime a user wants cookies. Response is shown in the text box.)

Generate code

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin non.
Your phone number:

Copy & paste before </body>:

About cookies

Cookies, not to be confused with the literal definition, are tiny pieces of text stored on your computer or mobile phone when browsing websites. Cookies are designed to remember stateful information such as login information or to record the users movements on web. Since 2011 the EU Cookie Directive requires sites to alert the visitor when such trackers are used, which often are seen via banners at the top of the site.

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